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For a first appointment at Step Ahead, Inc., you may contact us at anytime at our toll-free number, (877)-927-7837. However, it would be helpful if you would fill out the following Preliminary Information Sheet prior to setting up your first conference with Step Ahead staff. This will help us provide the help you need more efficiently. All information is confidential, for the use of Step Ahead counselors only.

When you have completed the information sheet and any attachments you may wish to include, you may mail or fax them to us for our review.

Step Ahead, Inc.,
54 Main Street, Suite 201
Succasunna, NJ 07876 &endash;

FAX: (973) 927-2250.

To email this questionnaire, copy the questionnaire in your web browser and paste it into your email program. Then fill out the answers and email to:

We will notify you of their receipt and contact you about a first appointment. If you do not want to submit this sheet, fill it out and have it handy when you call to speak with us.


Name ___________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________

City _________________________________

State _______ Zip Code _______________

Telephone Number(s): Home ____________________

Work ____________________

Fax Number: _____________________

Email Address ____________________

Date of Birth _________ Marital Status ___________


Fill out the following profile sheets as appropriate, marking signs and symptoms with which you identify or have questions or concerns:

1. Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse (click here).

2. Signs and Symptoms of Family Members of Substance Abusers (click here).

If you are dealing with tobacco dependence issues, fill out the tobacco dependence questionnaire (click here).

Submit these sheets/questionnaires with your preliminary information sheet.


Treatment background information:

1.Have you received treatment for substance abuse/family issues/tobacco dependence in the past? Yes ___ No ___

2.If you have received treatment, please check which kind(s), when and where:

a. ____ Outpatient

b. ____ Intensive Outpatient

c. ____ Inpatient/Residential

d. ____ Detoxification

3. Have you been involved with 12-step fellowships (i.e. AA, NA, Nic-Anon, Al-Anon, etc.)? Yes ____ No ____

4. If you have been involved with 12-step fellowships, answer the following:

a. Do you currently attend meetings? Yes ___ No ___ Which program(s)


b. If not, how long did you attend meetings?


c. Which kind of meetings did you like best (Step, speaker, discussion, etc.)?


d. Which kind of meetings did you like least?


e. Did you have a sponsor? Yes ___ No ___ If yes, did you use him/her? ________

f. Have you ever applied the 12-step recovery principles to your daily life? _______

If so, with what result?


5. Have you affiliated yourself with recovery/self-help groups other than 12-step based ones? ___________ If so, which one(s)?


6. Do you have any history of diagnosed chronic medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, TB, clinical depression, asthma, etc.)? ____ If so, please list diagnosis:


7. Are you presently using any prescribed medications? If so, please list below:


8. Do you take any over-the-counter medications regularly? If so, please list below:


9. Do you have any legal problems? If so, list:


10. Have you tried to commit suicide in the last year?


Thank you for helping us to meet your needs more efficiently.


Step Ahead Inc.
54 Main Street,
Suite 201
New Jersey 07876

  • 1-877-927-7837
  • 1-973-927-9555
  • 1-973-927-2250 (fax)

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