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Step Ahead recognizes substance abuse and chemical dependency as multifaceted conditions. There are issues of physical dependence and consequence that need to be addressed, mental and emotional issues for exploration and resolution and usually issues of a spiritual nature to identify and process. (Click here for signs and symptoms of substance dependence.)

Substance abuse and chemical dependency render their victims' lives unmanageable and diminish the quality of life for everyone emotionally connected to them. In essence, they are conditions that affect the entire family system in multiple ways. (Click here for signs and symptoms of the effect of dependence on family members.)

Recovery for individuals suffering from substance abuse or chemical dependency, adult or adolescent, is fully possible. It is also possible for those emotionally involved with the abuser or dependent person to achieve a full recovery. TREATMENT WORKS! As with most medical conditions, however, "one size does not fit all." We believe that each person needs individual attention. Each person needs an individualized treatment approach depending on his or her attitudes, experience and beliefs. The Step Ahead staff is dedicated to treating each client as an individual of worth and dignity, whose feelings receive the full respect they deserve.


The overall goal of treatment at Step Ahead is lasting recovery. Each person develops a plan that will produce lasting recovery with the minimal risk of relapse. This plan will include acquiring accurate and up-to-date information about their condition, specific and measurable action steps to effect change in risky behaviors, attitudes and emotions, and the creation of a solid support system to meet their recovery needs.

Clients are referred to Step Ahead from a variety of sources, including medical professionals, treatment professionals, the criminal justice system and school systems. Self-referrals and referrals from family, friends and members of self-help support groups, such as 12-step fellowships, are accepted.

"It was great to celebrate the miracle of our own recovery. We are so grateful for what you do. Keep up the great work."

- Grateful Recovering Parents


Your counseling at Step Ahead will begin with an assessment process. Preliminary to your first counseling session it would be mutually helpful for you to fill out the Preliminary Information Sheet on our site (click here). This questionnaire can be faxed or sent to us prior to your first conference to facilitate acquiring background information.

Visits to Step Ahead can be in person or by telephone conferences. We have found that although in-person counseling provides an optimum environment for treatment, many people who cannot access counseling in this traditional manner have found great help speaking with our counselors over the telephone.

"Many thanks to Step Ahead! Because of the option for long-distance telephone counseling, we continue to make progress in recovery as individuals and as a couple. Step Ahead's excellent facilitation and commitment allowed this arrangement to work smoothly - We have found you both to be as dedicated and thorough by phone as you are in person!"

- Grateful recovering couple


Upon the completion of the assessment process, recommendations for the best treatment approach will be provided. Given the many years of experience held by our counselors, Step Ahead is connected to a broad network of referral resources to meet the needs of its clients. At all times, confidentiality is strictly maintained for each client, according to Federal Confidentiality Regulations. If the assessment indicates that outpatient counseling is appropriate, you will work with your counselor on a regular basis, determined by your particular treatment and support needs.

Step Ahead believes that the length of treatment should be appropriate to the person's recovery progress. For some, short-term primary counseling of several sessions is all that is needed. For others, more extensive primary counseling is called for. Again, treatment is provided that is compatible with each individual's situation.

Step Ahead is accessible for ongoing aftercare and periodic support, indefinitely. As with most illnesses, chemical dependency is subject to relapse. In Step Ahead's philosophy of care, relapse is a treatment issue. As such, no one is ever denied help because of relapse. Appropriate measures are taken to assure the relapse needs will be met for each client.


The treatment approach used by Step Ahead counselors incorporates aspects of several treatment philosophies. We particularly emphasize the "now," using the past as a window to look through to see experiences and influences that may threaten today's manageability if left unaddressed, as well as positive talents and characteristics that may have been forgotten or lay dormant. The principles of recovery described in the 12-step philosophy are studied in depth, since they are what have worked most effectively for the majority of recovering people.

We try to help people identify where they lack power and how to gain empowerment; where they need help in their efforts toward a life free from the use of mood and mind-altering chemicals; how to see themselves accurately; how to remove guilt and shame, to mend any damaged fences, in order to reintegrate with the mainstream of society, family and friends; and, how to use their recovery to the benefit of others. For those who are substance abusers who may not have crossed the line into dependence, the therapy is designed to clearly identify the danger of the current situation and provide alternative choices with the means to make them effectively. For more information on our specific programs click here.


Fees at Step Ahead, Inc. are extremely reasonable. Rates for treatment are listed below:

Adult Assessments

Adolescent Assessments

Individual Counseling
$85 per hour

Couples Counseling (one counselor)
$125 per hour

Family Counseling (more than two people)
$150 per hour

Telephone Counseling (same rates as in person)

Payment may be made in cash or by personal check.
As a private, nonprofit agency we operate on a sliding fee scale for those unable to afford the cost of their care. Those seeking financial assistance will be required to fill out a simple financial-aid form for determining fee scale. Very few Step Ahead clients qualify for third-party reimbursement. However, we will assist in processing claims when feasible.

These rates are subject to change


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