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The well-known and highly respected pioneer and author in the field of recovery for children of alcoholics Janet Woititz once said, "People lack an adequate data base for dealing with their substance abuse issues." This truth applies to people dealing with substance abuse on multiple levels. Sometimes even professionals working in the field need to update their data base of tools to foster understanding and change. Without doing so, they may be rendered less effective than they could be. Civic or educational organization may lack information about substance abuse, also.

Substance Abuse and dependence are holistic in nature, affecting all areas of a person's life as well as those who are emotionally attached to them. Avoiding relapse is largely dependent on people learning and developing healthy life skills for coping with stress and emotions.

"Your presentation on Friday night was the best and most effective I have seen over the course of my 10 year alliance experience. I always dread even thinking of getting people to come to a drug/alcohol speaker event. The success of the evening goes to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Frelinghuysen Township Municipal Alliance Chairperson.

Step Ahead, Inc. offers a wide variety of substance abuse and life skills presentations, in-service training sessions and workshops.

"We want to thank you for your very informative presentations. The parents received a lot of good and helpful information. We are still receiving good responses regarding your talks."

- Karol Sullivan, Executive Director, Parents Support Group-New Jersey, Inc.

The staff at Step Ahead, Inc. is renowned for its knowledgeable, practical and comprehensive presentations. Click here to learn more About Us. The base fee for presentations of all varieties is $150 per hour. This would include materials unless there was some inordinate expense. Travel expenses would be additional, depending on distance and need for accommodations. Step Ahead is a nonprofit organization, operating on a sliding fee scale. This permits helping agencies that are operating off of tight budgets avail themselves of their services.

Upon first contact Step Ahead will begin to work with the agency to establish the parameters and needs of the service being requested. All services are customized to meet the needs of the requesting agency. Contact Us.

"We would like to extend our sincere thanks to your organization. We have received very positive feedback from the college community regarding your exhibit. Your participation has helped to increase the community's awareness of better health and wellness."

- Healthcare Coordinator, County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ

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